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The Karma Sutra Illustrated In Color

Welcome to Anne Hooper's "Illustrated Kama Sutra" Classic Lovemaking Techniques Reinterpreted for Today's Modern Lovers.

karma sutra coupleAnne Hooper is author of several adult books including the popular "Ultimate Sex Book" She analyzes and re-interprets the teachings of the Kama Sutra to guide today's lovers.

You will find more than 100 Color, Real Life, Graphic Photographs demonstrating Classic Positions and Techniques. "Kama Sutra" is packed with Provocative Information that will add more Variety and Excitement to your Sex Life.

Topics include Cunnilingus, Masturbations, Massage, Kissing, Biting, Erogenous Zones, the G-Spot, Imagination, Impotence, Setting the Mood, etc.

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The words 'Kama Sutra' conjure scenes of exotic decadence into the minds of people in modern day times, seeming alluring and even almost illicit.

Translated into thousands of different texts, the Indian manual of sexual experience addresses not only the practicalities of sexuality, but also the courtesies, manner of living and how to successfully relate with a sexual partner in a deeply meaningful manner.

loversThe text also records curious niceties that were practiced in ancient India that are a little antiquated to be relevant to modern relationships, but are points of interesting conversation none the less.

Psychologists who have studied the book note that it has very positive messages in terms of creating an equal and loving relationship, using sex as a means to demonstrate love.

Beautiful karma sutra illustrations

The forms of lovemaking, including kissing and caressing as well as the sexual positions, are designed to enhance the physical connection between men and women and to offer a more creative and vibrant aspect to sexual relations.

The Kama Sutra also provides practical information about courtship and reading a woman's body language.

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The Illustrated Full Color Kama Sutra Page Previews

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The Illustrated Full Color Karma Sutra Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Preparing For Love
  • Touching and Caressing
  • Kissing and Mouthplay
  • Karma Sutra Positions
  • Ananga Ranga Positions
  • Perfumed Garden Positions
  • The Positions Of The TAO
  • Before and After Love
  • Index
  • Additional Reading

A Beautifully explicit and timelessly erotic adult full colour guide to lovemaking with over 123 pages.

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